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Unique projects, events and experiences that keep the culture alive.

K.I.D.S for the culture

The motto is simple: kickin’ incredible dope shit for our culture. The culture that have influenced ours and the lives of many others before.

Fashion, music, skating or photography, all of these are just examples for areas that are playing a big part in the history and future of street & youth culture. By planning, realising and creating unique projects, events and experiences we want to keep this beautiful culture alive and moving in the right direction.

We are not settling for just one lane, we be kickin’ whatever feels right.

  • Skater 1
  • Skater 2
  • Skater 3

What’s in it for the community?

Besides planning and realising projects and events, our main focus is to build and strengthen our community. It’s our goal to provide our STZY family with unique experiences and give them something they haven’t seen before. We are way more than just some kids throwing parties, we are a movement that everybody is welcome to.

Street culture wouldn’t be where it’s at without people putting their whole energy into pushing the scene forward and creating new ways to keep it attractive. We value that fact a lot and made it out goal to give back to our community in any way possible to show love and support the people who share the same vision as we do. Our community is our family and we treat them like that!

What do we focus on?


Remarkable projects with young artists, skaters, photographers etc. for our community and same minded people to enjoy.


Memorable events that provide a place for people who think alike to come together, connect with each other and have a great time (as soon as corona is over).


High quality merchandising to give something back to our community so they can represent us and be part of the STZY family.